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Chat With Your Data

Transform Your Raw Data into Conversational Insights

Our 'Chat with Your Data' service revolutionizes the way you interact with your data. By harnessing the power of advanced AI, we transform your Knowledge Base Data, FAQs, business documents, and website content into a conversational interface for clients but also inhouse.
Experience a seamless flow where your data journeys from a no-code tool to a Vector database, gets processed by a Large Language Model, and is then directed through a logic layer to deliver precise responses or actions like ticket creation. Dive into a realm where your data is not just static text but an interactive entity aiding real-time decision-making and customer engagement.

This service is priced starting at $990 setup fee and with an added transactional pricing models at $0.01 per chat interaction, allowing for scalability and value-aligned cost.

Example of a fully automated scraped and AI generated email that includes specific information for cold email outreach
Automated but highly personalized

AI Marketing and Sales

Automated, Personalized Outreach and Content Generation

Embark on a marketing journey like no other with our 'AI Marketing and Sales' service. Tailored to automate and personalize your marketing and sales processes, our sophisticated lead scraping system extracts data from websites, refined by ChatGPT to generate personalized cold outreach emails.
Transform your marketing strategy with automated content generation and publishing, saving time while reaching a wider audience. Our service seamlessly integrates with your existing customer database and corporate data through Zapier or, turning leads into conversions.

The journey commences at $1,990 setup and then a transactional pricing per lead conversion, CTA tracking or other value-driven engagement metrics.

Custom Code and AI Model Fine Tuning

Custom AI Solutions

Tailored AI Integrations for Your Unique Needs

Our 'Custom AI Solutions' are the epitome of personalized AI service. We delve into your specific use case, understand the intricacies of your existing work environment, and design custom integrations that propel your business into the AI era.
From fine-tuning Large Language Models to self-hosted or cloud-hosted unrestricted and powerful open-source models, we provide a spectrum of solutions that transcend the ordinary. This is where your vision meets AI expertise to create a fusion of technological innovation and practical utility.

Our journey commences at $2,990, tailored to meet the complexity and uniqueness of your AI aspirations. Hosting or maintenance fees are not included in that price.

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